We love SCAD artists and their work so much that we created a shop here in Savannah and then another in Lacoste, France. Then when we really needed to show that our love hath no bounds, we decided to make their work accessible to the world through our remarkable Web site! (That’ll show them!) Aaahhh… la bonne vie!

Oh, the good life indeed. ShopSCAD is full of the best and the brightest artists, with the most highly innovative and unique artwork this side of your daydreams. We hate to boast, but after five years we feel we can say with confidence that we have exactly what you are looking for. Housed inside our creatively adorned shops you can find handmade jewelry, paintings, sculpture and pottery. We also have photography, handbags, clothing and even a whole genre in our sales books marked “miscellaneous” because some of our gems cannot even be categorized! All of these elements combine to make shopSCAD a magical place to shop and find inspiration.

The shopSCAD empire wasn’t built in a day. In 2003 SCAD President Paula S. Wallace was entertaining the idea of an informal gallery and retail space. She placed this precious idea into the hands of shopSCAD Director Amy Zurcher (B.A., fashion design and merchandising, marketing, Ball State University) and SCAD alumna Katie Runnels (M.F.A., painting, 2003) who poured their hearts into its creation, and here we are today to reap what they’ve sown!

Come by and see for yourself. We encourage you to visit often, as we have brand new items arriving daily. Our flagship shop is conveniently nestled in Poetter Hall, located on the bustling corner of Bull and Charlton streets in Savannah. See you soon!