Elyse Welcher

Elyse Marie is a maker, designer, and adventurer. Always having had a love for fashion and a passion for design, Elyse Marie graduated from SCAD in 2010 with a B.F.A. in accessories design. While during her final quarters at SCAD, she started Littlewings Designs, a handcrafted artisan accessory label where she creates couture quality handbags, shoes, and personal accessory goods out of leather and hemp. Inspired by the spirit of adventure, the organic repetition of nature, and the marriage of form and function, she creates designs that are meant to both be durable and instill a timeless aesthetic experience. Elyse Marie currently lives in her hometown of Grand Rapids, MI, where she runs her design label and also is an organizer for local collective, Collective Wings, a group of makers and creators that are crafting by hand and using the power of the group to create greater pieces of installation and experiential art for public consumption.

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