Emily Cox

Emily Cox (B.F.A., fibers alumna)

Emily Cox hails from a place little known to the outside world. She grew up in a fairy tale inside her head and loved to press Queen Anne’s Lace flowers against her cheeks, pretending they were brushes. She holds on to this idealism, as childhood nostalgia remains the main focus in her artwork. From a distance, her artwork may seem like eye candy but only those who desire to truly look at it will understand the underlying messages associated.

She would love to be an octopus and have eight tentacles but until then, she prides herself on her ability to multi-task and work on several different types of projects simultaneously. She enjoys the work involved with styling, art directing, illustrating, costume making, prop creating and surface designing.

Emily loves prancing around in her pantaloons, she wishes she could play the accordion a little better and she deeply regrets missing the Mickey Mouse cookies at her Kindergarten orientation.

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