Gunner’s Daughter (Erin Goodman Findlay)

Erin Goodman Findlay (B.F.A., fashion design, 2012)

Gunner’s Daughter is a Southeast Georgia based handbag company and accessory line owned, designed, and produced by founder Erin Goodman, a coastal Georgia native. Gunner’s Daughter began in Brooklyn, NY where Erin was living and working. Erin combined her long time love of all things vintage/nautical with her design experience at companies such as Tommy Hilfiger with her coastal roots – so the nautical influence and maritime inspiration was inevitable.

GD seeks to be a purveyor of maritime inspired leather bags, silk city map scarves, small leather goods, and novelty lifestyle items. Each leather and canvas bag (and all of their parts) is designed, stitched, and produced in USA. Gunner’s Daughter’s mission is to produce high quality items while working with small manufacturing businesses all over USA and Canada. Gunner’s Daughter launched in May 2015.

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