Kristen Baird

Kristen Baird (B.F.A., metals and jewelry, 2012)

Kristen is originally from Richmond, VA and is currently living in Savannah, GA. Her sculptural, one-of-a-kind pieces embody drama without sacrificing functionality. Her aesthetic pays homage to motifs found in nature (waterfalls, honeycomb, rain, flora) while also gracefully nodding to her interest in architecture. Kristen’s work displays a unique ability to meld disparate influences into jewelry that is structural but also seems as though it might have sprung organically from the natural world. Her work treats nature as a dance, never still and always changing, often capturing a transitory moment, such as the splash of water or the slow ooze of honeycomb. Underlying her inspirations is a design aesthetic that embraces minimalism and smooth, clean lines which allows her to seamlessly meld the natural with the man-made. The values of quality and craftsmanship are integral to Kristen’s work. She works with materials of the highest quality and crafts each piece by hand. She uses gold, platinum, and sterling silver with gemstones and pearls to create an interplay of texture and color that brings her beautiful and timeless creations to life.

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