Laura Davis

Laura Davis (M.F.A., furniture design)

Before coming to SCAD she received a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Design at the University of Missouri and studied architecture at Washington University in St. Louis. Davis finds inspiration in the rituals of everyday life as well as traditions that have been passed down through the generations. She learned to sew and embroider at an early age from her mother, and enjoys fusing these traditional crafts with modern materials and technologies. She often uses scraps and remnants in her products, turning materials that would otherwise be discarded into something elegant and useful.

Davis’s company, Newton Supply Co., embraces nature and all its dirt, insects, and elements. Away from anything that might remind you that you need to reply to those emails or finish that report. All of the products are made to be used outside, near the water, or on a cross-country road trip. Every day should be an adventure. The handmade goods are produced in Austin, Texas with high quality, durable materials (locally sourced when possible). They have partnered with Open Arms, a division of the Austin-based Multicultural Refugee Coalition, to help with production of many of our items. Open Arms empowers refugee women by providing living wage employment, and we encourage you to learn more by visiting their site.

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