Lillian Farag

Lillian Farag (B.F.A., fibers, 2007)

Lillian Farag is a free-form and free-spirited artist with a love for all things playful and expressive.  Pulling inspiration from colors found in life and nature, she adds her own twist and perspective to every aspect of her work. 
Lillian began to experiment with textiles while majoring in Fiber Arts at Savannah College of Art and Design.  It is there she found a passion for merging her painting and illustrations to make her own unique collections. 
Her work is recognized for its whimsical designs that often incorporate quirky illustrations, watercolor florals, and brightly colored abstract patterns. These characteristics are featured in and distinguish her line of bold accessories. She loves drawing inspiration from the simple things in life and expressing them playfully through her work, often reflecting contrasting concepts: pretty and street, delicate and rough, feminine and grunge.  
Lillian graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007 and now lives and works in New York City.
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