Nicole Edge

Nicole Edge
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Nicole Edge has been an avid artist and crafter since she could hold a pencil. Encouraged by her mother, Sandra, she spent her entire childhood teaching herself the fundamentals of sewing, drawing, and design. At the age of 16, she discovered the art of soap making while spending time with a friend’s mother, who made cold process tallow soaps. A vegetarian for most of her life, Nicole decided to take the art of cold process soap crafting and create a line of completely vegan, animal friendly soaps. At first, a project that kept her household and family happy with a never ending supply of soaps, and later, an enjoyable business.
Kleo’s Handcrafted Soap, which was established in 2007, is a culmination of years of hard work and trial and error, which lead to a simple, natural, vegan soap that works to keep skin moisturized and rinses clean. As well as the soap maker, Nicole is also the graphic designer for her line of soaps, drawing knowledge from her education at SCAD.
With a BFA in fashion design, Nicole spends much of her time as a sewing instructor, seamstress, and designer, aside from the soap making. She also enjoys a wide range of enjoyable jobs, from professional belly dancer and fire eater, to co-owner of Pulaski Publications, a local design and advertising company.