Tara Walters

Tara Walters (b. Washington DC 1990) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work encompasses painting, drawing, music, sculpture, installation art, while focusing on an unusual technique applying fire as a medium to paint with called fumage. Walters earned her B.F.A. from Savannah College of Art and Design (2016), just after attending SCAD’s residency program in (Lacoste, France). In (2012) she attended the Cloud Club residency directed by sculptor Lee Baron in (Boston, MA) with musician Amanda Palmer and writer Neil Gaiman. Just before graduation in (2016) Walters exhibited in a collaboration with Stephen Knudsen at the Yale Divinity School in (Hartford, CN). After graduation in (2016), Walters showed at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair in (Houston, TX) and shortly after at Miami Project in (Miami, FL) during Art Basel. She has participated in exhibitions throughout (Savannah, GA), (Columbia, MD), (Boston, MA), and Internationally at various exhibitions in (Lacoste, France). As well as solo exhibitions in (Nashville, TN) at OZ Arts Nashville, Sauvage Gallery, and the Red Arrow Gallery. Walters lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee.

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