Artists FAQ

We are pretty sure your artwork gets lonely in your studio. Maybe it is sitting there right now, all by its lonesome self, begging for a stage worthy of its grandeur. All we know is when it gets into our hands it is grateful and shines beautifully on our walls and in our shop!

Why not send it to us so we can shower it with all of the compliments and care it deserves? We have customers from all over the world who collect a wide range of styles. These discriminating connoisseurs visit our shops in person and peruse our online store looking for special pieces just like yours. What do you have to lose? We accept submissions year-round so you can do it today, tonight or two weeks from now. Simply fill in the blanks below and give our unique approach to gallery sales a whirl. Your artwork will thank you for it.

What type of art does shopSCAD consider?

Consideration is given to all fine art and design submissions that are good quality, have artistic merit and possess strong selling potential through shopSCAD in Savannah, Atlanta, Lacoste or online.

If I am not affiliated with SCAD, can I still submit work?

No, shopSCAD exclusively sells the fine art and designs of Savannah College of Art and Design artists, students, alumni, faculty and staff.

Can ACA alumni submit work to shopSCAD?

Yes, ACA alumni are considered to be part of the SCAD community, and as such, they are welcome to submit work.

Does shopSCAD need to see a representation of my work, or just pieces that are currently available?

ShopSCAD is interested in you as an artist and would like to know as much as possible about you and your work. For the initial submission, we recommend that you only choose work that is available for sale. After we have reviewed your work, however, we always appreciate supplemental information you want to send.

How much of my work should I submit?

There is no set limit on submissions. ShopSCAD encourages you to submit new work as it becomes available. We suggest that you submit a few pieces at any given time by using the shopSCAD online artist submission form.

Should I send along my profile, statement of work or bio?

Yes, use the online artist submission form to share all pertinent artist information. Your bio and a .jpeg image of you will be used in the shop and possibly online for selling purposes.

Do you ever commission work?

ShopSCAD does sometimes commission artists for new work for upcoming events or special gifts. If you want to be considered for special commission projects, we advise that you stay in touch with new work on a regular basis and inform us of any special skills you can contribute.

How should I submit my work?

Work may be submitted in the following formats:

  1. Submit the shopSCAD online artist submission form. (You may upload jpgs using the online form or send a non-returnable CD with jpg images.)
  2. E-mail your submission with attached JPG files or a Web address to Amy Zurcher. High-res images are not necessary and may be rejected due to e-mail size capacity.
  3. E-mail Amy Zurcher to set up an on-site appointment to have us review your work.
  4. Mail high-quality color copies or non-returnable CD with JPG images toshopSCAD
    Attn: Amy Zurcher Artist Submission
    340 Bull St.
    Savannah, GA 31401

Please do not send original art. Materials received may not be returned. All submissions should be properly labeled with the following: name, e-mail, artist price, dimension and description.

How often do you review work? When should I send pieces to be considered?

ShopSCAD seeks new work continually. We work with SCAD artists almost every day of the week to see and acquire new work for the shops and online boutique.

What kind of work are you looking for?

ShopSCAD doesn’t want to limit your creativity by giving you a list of items. Some of our best-selling products are very unusual ones we could not have dreamed up ourselves. Be brave and submit the pieces you are most proud of. We will let you know if we can carry them in the shops or online.

What is an artist contract? When does this apply?

An artist contract is a loan agreement between the shop and artist. Work that is on contract essentially is on loan. You are not paid for the work until and unless it sells in the shop. You may retrieve your work at any time during the loan period, because we have not purchased it. Artist contracts are typically reserved for fine art, as most items sold through shopSCAD are purchased outright from the artist.

What are the conditions on the artist contract?

Click here to view the actual contract.

If I have work on an artist contract, when can I pick it up?

Artists may pick up their work from the shop at any time, as long as 24 hours notice is given.

What is the commission rate for an artist contract? How long will you have the work?

The artist contract is a loan agreement by which the artist and shop share a split commission of 50 percent over a period of six months. Having work accepted under an artist contract is not a guarantee that your work will be shown for the entire period of the agreement, but rather as space permits.

When will I be paid for items under artist contract?

The artist will receive payment within one month from shopSCAD if the work is sold at the shop or online while under contract. If the work is not sold through shopSCAD during the allotted time, no payment is made and the work is returned to the artist.

When will I be paid for items that are purchased outright?

ShopSCAD processes payment for purchases on a monthly basis. You can expect payment within 30 days of receipt of goods in the shop.

How will I be paid by shopSCAD?

Payment will most likely be sent in the form of a check from SCAD unless otherwise requested. Direct deposit is available; you can download a direct deposit authorization form here. Send the completed document with a voided check to set up this method of payment.

Do I need to submit a W9 to shopSCAD?

Yes, all work received by shopSCAD must be accompanied by a current year W9. This must be signed and dated for payment to be made through the college. Click here to download a current W9.

Who ultimately decides the retail price of my work?

ShopSCAD will work with you on determining the best price for your work based on cost, materials used and perceived demand for the item. Work considered may be rejected if the price is deemed excessive and negotiation is not possible.

Does shopSCAD prefer work to be framed or unframed?

ShopSCAD is interested in both framed and unframed work. Unframed, accepted work must be received in a sealed plastic sleeve or shrink-wrapped with a solid backing board for protection against customer handling. Many shopSCAD customers like to buy unframed work so they can transport it easily and choose their own framing. This is also a nice option for both customer and artist to keep cost down.

What is the markup for work at shopSCAD?

ShopSCAD imposes a typical retail markup for all work. You can expect that the retail price will be at least double the artist price. Please keep this in mind when considering your artist price.

If my work is accepted for shopSCAD online, how long will it take to be added to the site?

ShopSCAD strives to keep the site as fresh as possible with new products and artists. Every effort is made to add your work within one to four weeks of receipt of goods in the shop. In order to facilitate this process, provide all the information requested on the online submission form, including a professional JPG of you and/or your work for the artist page.

Do I need to tag, sign and label my work?

All fine art must be signed by the artist in order to be accepted at shopSCAD. All other items should be tagged or labeled in some way.

Can my Web site and contact information be included on my work and/or tag?

No, work that contains a Web site address, direct contact information or other promotional material for the artist and not shopSCAD is not accepted. Tags or labels received with this information are removed.

Can I sell my work at other locations?

In an effort to keep the shop and its offerings special, shopSCAD insists on exclusivity on most items within a radius of 30 miles of any shopSCAD location. If the work or product sold at another outlet is different, then it is not considered a conflict of interest and exclusivity does not apply. Fine art is not included in this policy, and it is understood that an artist may exhibit fine art at any location as long as pricing is consistent.

Is original work taken on artist contract insured while it?s in your possession?

Yes, while your work is in our possession, every possible effort is made to ensure that it is protected and returned to you in the condition in which it was received. ShopSCAD is responsible for any damages due to our negligence while the work is under a loan agreement. If the work deteriorates or otherwise falls apart due to artist construction, materials, etc., the result is not covered by shopSCAD, and the piece is returned to the artist for repair or replacement.

Am I required to sign a contract?

ShopSCAD requires artists to sign an artist contract if they want to exhibit their work at the shop under a loan agreement.

How long will it take before I find out if shopSCAD is interested in my work?

All submitted work is reviewed as soon as possible. Due to the large number and frequency of submissions, please allow one to four weeks for consideration. All submissions receive a response.

How do I get my work on shopSCADonline?

ShopSCADonline showcases a variety of fine art and designs that are available in the Savannah and Atlanta shops. However, it is not feasible to have all artists and work represented, due to factors such as time, cost and maintenance. Also, in our experience, many items do not lend themselves well to online selling. If you are interested in having your work included in the online shop, please make a note of it during the submission process, and consideration will be given to your request.

Do you have a catalog?

Not yet, but one may be in the works soon! Check our Web site,, for current offerings. You can sign up here for our mailing list.

Do you contact artists for special requests, reorders and/or commissioned pieces?

Yes, whenever there is a request or need for more of your work, shopSCAD will contact you to work out details. ShopSCAD works with customers to gather all the necessary information in order to complete the request. Many of our high-demand artists stay busy with requests, but it is always your option to reject or accept any commission or order request.

I make jewelry. Am I responsible for repairs of my work after it is sold to the shop?

Jewelry is one of our biggest sellers besides fine art. On the rare occasion that your jewelry is either damaged or broken, we may contact you to see if it is possible for you to repair or replace the item. If you are located in another state, we may ask someone local to repair the item if the cost would be more to ship it to and from you.

When will my art be put on the wall?

We rotate work on our walls from every two weeks to once a month. Your work is of the utmost importance to us, and we give each artist and piece of art plenty of display time in our shop.