Tobia Makover: Encaustic Photographs

In all bodies of work and in life, Tobia contemplates the physicality of our existence. She questions the importance of our being and the impact of our time here while she examines the tension between holding on and the desire to let go.
Samuel with Casts
A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of visiting with SCAD alumna Tobia Makover in her new studio.  The new space she has created is divine!  An offer to sit a spell and chat about her work was most eagerly accepted.  This dedicated work space is so Zen-superabundant natural sunlight and white walls beautifully show off her work and all her materials and pieces are so harmoniously ordered.  
shopSCAD has sold Tobia’s encaustic photographs very well.  We sold 7 to one collector just the other day! The one shown above is my favorite.  I just love the composition and find it so engaging.  The baby in this image is her first son.  He was born with webbed fingers and had to have them surgically separated.  Please continue on to see more of her hauntingly beautiful work along with some studio shots I snapped during my visit!
Last Woman Standing
Eldest Son and My Bear
Bottom Bunk
David Gun
Dana School Chair
Myra Walking Through
Tobia in her studio
Studio (poolside….LOVE!)

Tobia Makover is an internationally award winning fine art photographer who has exhibited around the world, notably at the National Portrait Gallery in London, Les Ateliers de L’image in St. Remy, France, the Griffin Museum in Boston, and AIPAD in New York.  She graduated from SCAD with an MFA in photography in 2001.  She resides in Savannah with her husband and two sons.  

Artist Tobia Makover