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Aimee Petkus

(B.F.A., jewelry and objects, 2013)

Aimee Petkus is a jewelry artist born and raised in Colorado. She received a BS in Natural Resources with a concentration in geology from Colorado State University and a BFA in Jewelry and Objects from SCAD. After beginning her professional career as a geologist in New York City, a desire to work with her hands and to get out from behind a desk eventually led her to SCAD. This journey has lead to a strong desire to change the perception that art and science are not intimately related.

Her interest in geology greatly informs her jewelry work. Aimee uses rocks and minerals as a memento to remind us of how vast the universe is, and how short and small a human life is. By combining geometric and organic forms it shows that even very different objects can co-mingle in the same space with harmony. She creates wearable miniature worlds that you can gaze into and see not just a sparkly jewel, but the millions of years it took to put it in your hands.

Aimee’s work has been published in “RE: Magazine”, “Port City Review” and one of Lark Books popular 500 Series books “500 Art Necklaces”. Her work has been included in many exhibitions, such as the Society of North American Goldsmith’s student exhibition in 2012 in Tuscon, AZ and in Toronto, ON, Canada in 2013. She’s been a Niche Awards finalist three times, and she’s had four of her works featured on the SCAD screensaver.

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