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Ashley Benton

(B.F.A., painting, 1990)

Ashley Benton has recently returned home to Savannah, GA after spending the last years primarily in Colorado. She is a painter, works in ceramics, collage, plaster, wax, watercolor, and, yes, even glitter. She is currently represented by the Sandra Phillips Gallery in Denver, the Hall Barnett Gallery in New Orleans, and Gingerbread Square in Key West. The work is sensitive, serene, alluring, imaginative and mysterious.

Ashley visually articulates what is around us all the time and do not see or notice until we are reminded. The work acts as a visual reminder and connection back to the self. Making art for Ashley is the attempt to make the fleeting more permanent knowing all the while it is not possible making the challenge the process by which she keeps going. Less than reality, more than a dream

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