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Melinda Borysevicz

(B.F.A., painting, 2001)

Borysevicz, a New York native, currently lives and paints in a small town near her ancestral home in Italy, focusing her work primarily on narrative portraits and figures. Inspired by her recent re-connection with her cultural roots, Borysevicz explores the way memory (not just literal, tangible memories, but senses, suspicions, a feeling of connection and familiarity) affects the definition of self and maps our location in reference to “other”, constructing images as if searching for significance in the places, things, faces that rise to the surface of the mind together in ways that they might not have actually existed, like a dream that feels important, the meaning of which, however, often feels veiled.

Borysevicz’s work has been exhibited in the United States: Georgia, Virginia, Ohio, Texas and New York; and abroad in Spain and Italy. She has received numerous awards for her work including a Certificate of Excellence in the Portrait Society of America’s International Competition in 2013.

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