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Melissa Livingston

(Communications Manager, Savannah College of Art and Design)

It all started with a night filled with no plans and one creative soul, Melissa “Lou” Livingston. She was on a mission to create jewelry that suited her style without knowing Lou Bangle was in the works. On that free night, the first few bangles were made and promptly shared with big sis, also lovingly nicknamed, Lou. “Big Lou” loved “Lil’ Lou’s” creations and requested more. And so the jewelry-making commenced.

Soon thereafter, Melissa started making bangles for friends, photographing her jewels and pondering an online shop. That is when she connected with Poppy, a local business in Columbia, Missouri, to sell her handcrafted pieces. Melissa thought, “If I’m going to sell jewelry, then I’ll need a biz name.” She knew she wanted something that represented her roots and was also catchy and fun. She mulled over the name for days and decided Lou Bangle captured the punch she sought.

Lou Bangle has evolved to include stretchies (stretch bracelets), fringe earrings, and signature suede & spike necklaces. Small-batch home wares are in the works.

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