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Melody Postma

(B.F.A., illustration, 1988)

Currently residing in Savannah, GA, Melody Postma has exhibited regionally as well as nationally. She has always been fascinated with old photographs, so candid in the attempt to document the everyday and how easily these images can become icons. Her work is a multi-layered evolution of vivid color, playful shapes, textural fragments and long forgotten photographic images of nonchalant figures. Each layer is a moment, a new thought, sometimes revealing of what came before and at other times hidden as the momentum continues. She likes to tap into the viewer’s sense of self by unveiling a connectedness to a moment. While identity remains anonymous, a sensitivity to time and space takes over.

Postma has exhibited both regionally and nationally. Past solo and group exhibitions include Lanoue Fine Art, Boston, Massachusetts; Matre Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia; Whitney Gallery, Savannah, Georgia; Visions West Gallery, Denver, Colorado, and elsewhere.

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